2010 Election: Truth Be Told

Today is election day. Election day, mid-term election day, non-the-less. As I have watched and listened all the buzz around me, my political science background is just making me tingle.

For years voter apathy has been all the rage, especially during a mid-term election, and today I know that record numbers of Americans will make it to the polls to cast a vote for change. What strikes me, though, is that for a month I have subscribed to my notion as to why there is this insurgence of a “desire to vote” and yet I have not heard anyone voice THE TRUTH. Rick Sanchez came close but he got fired from CNN for doing so. Talk show pundits have worked around the issue by inviting conservatives and African-Americans to debate the election together, but nobody has said that this election is not really about change in American policies, not about change due to poor administration or management, but it that this election really is about the white-middle class workers who are tired, angry and scared of losing control of the America they grew up in, PERIOD.

Leading up to 2008 election, when American voters turned out in record numbers to vote for “CHANGE”, there were three sanctions of voters.

There was the conservative party which consisted of the “Fear Factor” bunch. These individuals were die-hard right-wing conservatives who blindly voted Republican regardless of the fact that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney had created the worst debacle in U.S. history. Aside from the defunct policies in the administration that basically went unsung by the press at the time, Bush and Cheney led us into a war in Iraq in the guise of 9/11 yet in the name of paying homage to George H. Bushs’  last hoorah to Saddam Hussein, which they have yet to be held accountable for. The Katrina fiasco still rings in the ears of countless Americans as the former administration merely naps in accountability. While the die-hard conservatives were still standing strong, thanks in part to the only press (Bill O’Reilly) at the time, most Americans were getting fed up at this point.

And then there were the die-hard left-wingers: the liberals who basically consist of an every-growing gay population and Hollywood. While the complexity of Hollywood deserves it’s own blog, simply put it consists of vasts amounts of wealthy Jewish individuals (and a few others) that control the media, thus your perception. This population seems to make up about 33% of America and if the information I have put together is right, they have more money and power than all of American’s combined.

The third sanction of voters in 2008 were the in-betweeners. They consisted of “pre-Tea Partyer’s”, the moderates and independents combined. A lot of the members of this group consisted of middle-class caucasian Americans who recognized the need for change and were willing to “take a chance” by voting for the first African-American male to lead this nation.

While there was a subtle wave for change in 2004 that tilted the opinion of many Americans- Bush, Cheney and Karl Rove cleverly “stole” the 2004 presidency. After four more years of watching Bush play “cowboy”, Americans said “no more” while the Bush Administration took the entire nation down a dark road into financial abyss. While most pundits and Americans recognize that the Republican Congress and the Bush Administration plainly “failed”, the reality was that the Bush Administration was leaving the country financially, socially and globally in ruin. The people wanted a leader, they wanted change, they wanted to be saved.

Enter Barack Obama. President Obama entered the scene as a powerhouse. He appealed to those in-betweeners and the liberals and now he had a new vote that had never appeared on the political radar in U.S. history: the African-Americans. Yes, there were African Americans who voted in the past, but historically voter-apathy among African-Americans had been extremely high.

President Obama has actually achieved a five-star rating during his tenure in the Oval Office. He has delivered our nation from a great-depression, brought about a much-needed health care reform bill that will have a very positive affect on all of us Americans down the road. No, everyone might not feel the effects of this bill today, but this bill has all of the implications of what all of us used to complain about: the healthcare industry (insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies) robbing us blind. President Obama has achieved success in many ways and yet he cannot seem to get out of the starting gate. He has never, from day one in office, really been given a chance. WHY? Well, it is my strong conviction that this is merely because he is black, an underdog, a minority. Symbolic of everything that the white-middle class individual IS NOT.

Ever since Barack Obama has been in office all of his actions, big or small, have been scrutinized to the highest degree. He cannot walk his dog right, tie a tie right, much less get a nod from a conservative or moderate member of Congress. As the days toward the mid-terms have narrowed down, the three sanctions that once existed prior to his election in 2008 have taken on a more dimensional form. As sad as it may be, the 2010 Mid-Term Elections outcome will have nothing to do with issues, priorities or what is in the best interest of America. The 2010 Mid-Terms will go down in history as being a “Test of the White-Middle Class America Voter.”

What has happened over the last two years has brought the average white-middle class worker to his/her boiling point. For years (going back to the 1980’s), they have watched as immigrants have taken over their jobs. They watched as civil-rights laws protected everyone but themselves. They listened to their spiritual leaders warn of impending doom as the law of the land was watered down; the pride they had taken in their America, the country that their forefathers had fought for, was being diminished as a new America was being formed; laws were passed that placed the white-male at the bottom end of many totem poles. And now, they are watching the African-Americans take over the leadership of the country that their forefathers founded. It wasn’t just that Barack Obama was taking over, it was the new pride that the African-American’s carried with them that pushed most of these people over the edge. The tea kettle was whistling, so to speak. And thus came the “Tea-Party revolution, not legally a party of choice, i.e. Democrat, Independent or Republican. The Tea Party aligned itself with a certain “group” of people that were not as much as political as they were a socially justifiable party. The party of reform. The revolution to “Take Back America”. The demands of Fox News pundits to restore civility to our great nation. Instead of earning their way back, some of the mainstream media that appealed to this targeted group insisted that this “group of Americans” deserved or was entitled to have what our forefathers had fought for.

Granted, none of what angered the new Tea Partyer’s  was Barack Obama’s fault. He is proud, and should be, to be an African-American. He can’t help it that the baby-boomers weren’t paying attention during the 1970’s (most were out partying while a lot of the their Jewish associates were busy tying up Washington D.C.) when bills were being passed through Congress that adversely affected the average white-middle class worker today. Barack wasn’t responsible for the Muriel Refugee’s that invaded South Florida in the 1980’s that imploded the ‘system’ into overdrive and created a social division among Hispanics as well as serious implications on immigration laws. Barack Obama didn’t have anything to do with NAFTA.  Among many other social issues, Barack Obama is not responsible for the change that has taken place socially since he became President in 2008, which has divided this country racially.

While it may not be Obama’s fault, this is a principle oriented issue: Simply put, those who put Obama in office in 2008 might say today that they would have never expected that a cultural change came along with the package. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of caucasian Americans who are still racists. As the barrage of television commercials that appealed to African-Americans took over the airwaves in 2008, a subliminal message was being sent to the average white-middle class worker. Simple put, the news flash was: WE ARE EQUAL…like it or not. Granted laws were in place since 1964 that made all races equal in this country, but there was always a “we know better than that” message. After about a six months in office, RACE became an issue for Obama. The average white-middle class worker, now the fundamentalist, the new party, began to persevere.

Who among them could argue? They all have a friend, relative or themselves who have felt the wrath of an inward civil-rights injustice. Of the 71% of  Americans out there who make up this population group, minus the pro-Obama African-Americans; other cultures and religions not based on Christianity;, hispanics (minus the Cubans who came to America in the 1960’s); and those liberals who are not included in the 33% of the far-left…there is a serious wave of anger that has been brewing for a long time and is has now boiled over. Yes, the anger is misplaced. Of course, it is not socially correct. Sadly, this administration has done a lot to keep this country afloat, but the results of today’s election will not be about anything but this fundamental group trying to TAKE back ownership of something, the power, of their country. Is this wrong? Is it unfair? Could the Republicans have done any better? Will this election unravel the Civil Rights movement?

I venture to say that today’s election will be all about race. I believe that the majority of white-middle class America will turn out in record numbers not to vote for anything as much as they will turn out to vote against a black president, who is not even up for election. What this will do to Congress and the “powers that be” is going to be toss up because most of this group will ignorantly pull a straight ticket, which will be Republican. It will not be voting every incumbent out as many ads have suggested, it won’t be voting for change, it will be voting for a party that exists (the Republican party) solely because Barack Obama, the black President, is a Democrat.

Hopefully somebody out there will read this and pass it along and realize we have fears within us, it is natural. We don’t like change as much as we need it. However, when we stop and think about how this country got into the position that we are in we might realize it is because of this same fear, this ignorance and this “need for control”. Hopefully in 2010 we are ready to stand up and say, finally, that WE THE PEOPLE are willing to accept other people in this country for who they are and that we are all the same. Maybe, with the internet we all can log on and research the issues that this election is truly about and vote accordingly.

Maureen Murphy Lackey

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